Category: Swimming Pools

Pool Cleaning

Swimming Pool Cleaning is the best ways of keeping the  swimming pool in good condition. At  Bluetouch Pools we establish a cleaning routine for your swimming pool which is an important aspect of pool maintenance. In addition we offer a regular scheduled swimming pool cleaning service that includes but is not limited to:-Emptying skimmer baskets, [...]

Pool Care

Do you own a swimming pool or your premise has one? Good care is essential to ensure that it does not turn out to be a breeding place for mosquitos and other insects, that is where our Swimming Pool Cleaning and Maintenance services come in to provide you more than prolonged fun of relaxing on [...]

Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools A swimming pool is a man-made water holding structure that is used for sports, leisure, or workout. Swimming pools are mostly sunk into the ground, although they can be built above the ground or fitted as part of a building or structure. Swimming pools vary in size, shape, and depth depending on their [...]
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