Pool Cleaning


Swimming Pool Cleaning is the best ways of keeping the  swimming pool in good condition. At  Bluetouch Pools we establish a cleaning routine for your swimming pool which is an important aspect of pool maintenance. In addition we offer a regular scheduled swimming pool cleaning service that includes but is not limited to:-

Emptying skimmer baskets, washing down cartridges, maintaining water chemistry, testing of water PH,  emergency cleaning for pool water gone green. Furthermore, we have the following we provide; Pool pump   repairs and troubleshooting, Pressure gauge installation/replacement Installation or replacement of swimming pool pumps, Salt chlorinator installation Saltwater pool chlorinator, Weekly and monthly swimming pool maintenance service, Replacement of sand filters Replacement of filter sand with glass filter media Sand filter repairs, Multi Port valve repairs or replacement, Replacement of old/damaged PVC pipes and fittings, Leak detection and pipe repairs Fixing creepy crawly that looses suction.


What We Do

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  • Tile Repair and maintenance

  • Cleaning the skimmer and pump basket

  • Vacuuming the pool   

  • Checking equipment pad    

  • Cleaning the deck

  • Replacing cracked skimmer Lids
  • Filter maintenance
  • Understanding the pressure gauges
  • Pool water level
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