Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools

A swimming pool is a man-made water holding structure that is used for sports, leisure, or workout. Swimming pools are mostly sunk into the ground, although they can be built above the ground or fitted as part of a building or structure.

Swimming pools vary in size, shape, and depth depending on their intended use .

There are three main types of pools: fiberglass, gunite, concrete, and vinyl liner, the main difference between them being the method of construction for the ‘swimming pool basin’.

1. Fiberglass Swimming Pools

Fiberglass swimming pools are “built” in two stages: manufacturing and installation. At the manufacturing stage, fiberglass-reinforced plastic is molded off-site into a basin shape to fit the required specifications.

Once this is done, a hole is dug at the site and a base material is placed at the bottom of the pit for the swimming pool to sit on. The pool is then transported to the site in one piece.

After the necessary plumbing installation, the swimming pool is lowered into the pit with a crane or any other similar equipment. Backfilling is done round the pool and in most cases a concrete deck is built around the perimeter.

2. Vinyl Lined Swimming Pools

Construction of vinyl lined swimming pools starts with the excavation of a hole at the desired location of the pool. A metal, plastic or timber frame wall is then made around the perimeter, after which sand filler is placed at the bottom of the hole, a vinyl-lining secured to the perimeter wall.

These thin vinyl-lining (usually about the width of ten sheets of paper) is used to hold the pool water in the structure of the structure of the swimming pool.

Vinyl lined pools tend to be cheaper compared to other in-ground swimming pool types but are less durable because the pliable liner requires replacement every ten years or so.

3. Gunite Swimming Pools

The process of building a gunite pools usually starts with excavation of a hole. Once this is done and the plumbing is put in place, the workers assemble a framework grid with steel reinforcing rods (rebar).

The reinforcing rods are spaced about 10 inches apart, and secured together with cable. Once the grid is in place, the workers spray a heavy coating of gunite (a mixture of cement and sand) around the rebar.

4. Concrete Swimming Pools

These are quite similar to gunite pools the only difference being that instead of spraying gunite, concrete is emptied into conventional timber formwork.

After the excavation of the hole, steel rods are fastened into place. Concrete is then emptied or shot into place forming the pool shell. Once tile and coping works are completed, plaster finish is spread across the surface of the pool shell.

Whether you are thinking of building a fiberglass, vinyl lined, gunite or concrete swimming, Bluetouch Pools got you.

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